4 Sounds Your Body Might Make During a Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic treatment for a car accident injury may help you feel more limber and offer relief from chronic back pain that can occur with age or injury. If you are preparing for your first appointment, you may be wondering what to expect and how your body might react to the ministrations chiropractors use to adjust your spine. During your visit, there are a few sounds your body may make that might surprise you, but knowing what they mean can help reduce any anxiety you might feel if you hear them.

1. Cracking 

Cracking sounds can be common during chiropractic treatment and are usually harmless. As the chiropractor makes adjustments to your spine, joints are manipulated and the fluid that surrounds them releases gas, resulting in a cracking sound. This process, which is known as cavitation, can be likened to opening a bottle of soda and may help the affected joints feel more flexible.

2. Popping 

When a chiropractor performs adjustments on your spine, the joint fluids are manipulated as well, especially when the movements involve pulling and stretching. You may hear popping noises during this kind of treatment, and these are caused by the breaking of air pockets within the fluid. Releasing these bubbles may relieve pressure in the joints that cause discomfort.

3. Crackling 

Manipulation of the neck can be a common chiropractic treatment that you might experience during your appointment. If you have pre-existing neck pain, you may want to mention this to your treatment professional so he or she can determine if adjustments are necessary. You may hear crackling noises as your neck is turned and adjusted, and these noises could indicate that a realignment of the joints was necessary.

4. Groaning 

During a chiropractic session, your chiropractor may relieve pressure on certain nerves in the body that have been causing you pain and discomfort. As the pressure is resolved and the muscles and joints in that area are relaxed and realigned, you may give an involuntary groan of relief. You need not feel embarrassed if this happens, as most chiropractors are used to the sounds the body makes during an adjustment.

Your body will likely make a variety of sounds during your chiropractic adjustment, but they are usually common and do not cause pain or discomfort. If you are curious or concerned about any sounds you hear during your adjustment, it is wise to ask the clinic staff about them before your appointment concludes. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact a chiropractor today.